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Full-Time Pay for Full-Time Work!

Not all candidates have a separate source of income to keep above the poverty line while serving on council.


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Tucson City Councilmembers earn a meager $24,000 annually, equivalent to just $11.54 per hour, a shocking $2.31 less than the current minimum wage. Yet, Tucson is one of the 40 largest cities in America and each Councilmember is charged with representing wards of approximately 90,000 people. We believe that paying our Councilmembers a living wage will attract a more diverse pool of candidates, who can truly represent the needs of our community.


Voting “Yes” on Prop 413 will fix this and the best part? Your taxes will not go up nor will City services be reduced 

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You can fix this and not raise your taxes!

It’s time to catch up, not only with the times but also with all of Arizona’s other major cities. The current salary levels for our City’s Mayor and Council lag significantly behind those of their counterparts in Arizona’s five other largest cities. This disparity creates a financial barrier that limits who can afford to hold office, potentially depriving us of diverse and talented individuals who could contribute to our city’s growth and progress.


Proposition 413 is a crucial step towards equity and another step forward for Tucson to take its place as a major American city. It ensures that those who represent the people of Tucson are adequately compensated for their hard work and dedication. By voting "Yes" on Prop 413 you are supporting a necessary and long-overdue change without raising taxes or reducing city services. 


Together, let’s take this opportunity to build a stronger, more equitable Tucson and vote “Yes” on Prop 413.

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The current City Council Salary was set in 1999.


Tucson City Council is a full-time job!
Not all candidates have a separate source of income to keep Councilmembers above the poverty line.
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Vote like it's after 1999!

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  • MAIL IT BACK - Return your ballot in the mail no later than October 31. Postmarks do not count!

  • DROP IT OFF - Drop your ballot off at any voting location or ballot drop box no later than 7 p.m. on November 7.

  • QUESTIONS - by mail.

  • VOTE IN PERSON - Visit any voting location no later than 7 p.m. on November 7 to cast a ballot in person. Find locations and hours at


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It's time to modernize compensation for our Council.


When we pay our Councilmembers a living wage, we can open doors for all!

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